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Psychology Course
Diploma awarded distance learning courses! Very affordable! Leads to recognised letters after your name and UK registration! Call for our Free prospectus!
www.opencollege.info - 20k

Psychology Department - University of Sheffield
The Department of Psychology at University of Sheffield has an excellent reputation for teaching and research. This is reflected ...
www.shef.ac.uk/psychology/ - 9k

Uon School of Psychology
School of Psychology. Important News for Psychology Courses at Nottingham. Quick Links...sethe@psychology.nottingham.ac.uk. Web Accessibility.
www.psychology.nottingham.ac.uk/ - 10k

Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
MRC Logo, Home page. About the unit. People. Research. Imaging. Seminars. Jobs. Post Grads. Pannel. Links. MRC Home page. Back, Forward. Search for:
www.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/ - 9k

Advaita in Psychotherapy
Use of Advaita in a Sussex psychotherapy practice. Key sources: Nisargadatta and Jean Klein. Advaita ... Klein. advaita in psychotherapy. summary.
www.usefulweb.demon.co.uk/advaita/ - 7k

Palgrave Macmillan: Counselling and Psychotherapy
With separate sections on theory and practice that clearly define the basic principles that apply to all forms of psychotherapy and counselling, the book is an...
www.palgrave.com/counselling/ - 18k

Psychotherapy London University
Homepage for Psychotherapy Section at St. Georges Hospital Medical School, London University. Psychotherapy Section WWW pages Department of General Psychiatry.
www.psyctc.org/intro.htm - 9k

School of Psychology, University of Wales Bangor
The School of Psychology, University of Wales Bangor is one of the leading Psychology Departments in the UK for teaching and research. ...
www.psychology.bangor.ac.uk/ - 21k

Ltsn Psychology
The Learning and Teaching Support Network for Psychology (LTSN Psychology)provides support and resources for the learning and teaching of undergraduate and ...
www.psychology.ltsn.ac.uk/ - 21k

Sosig: psychology gateway
Sosig home help sosig home, psychology gateway. you are here : home > psychology home. what's new in psychology. add a new resources my sosig account Grapevine ...
www.sosig.ac.uk/psychology/ - 11k

Counselling and Psychotherapy
Unfortunately the current counselling psychology and psychotherapy programmes will cease to run at the University of Sussex
www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/publications/ pgrad2003/aeal.shtml - 11k

Ideal Redirect Service
Science Direct. ideal is now integrated into sciencedirect. libraries: remember to migrate ideal opac links by July 1, 2003. Conversion ...
www.idealibrary.com/links/toc/cogp - 2k

See also artificial intelligence, psychiatry and clinical psychology, social psychology, physiology and neuroscience. ...
link.bubl.ac.uk/psychology/ - 3k

Psychology Press: Welcome
Psychology Press publishes an impressive portfolio of psychology textbooks, monographs, professional books, tests, and 18 journals which are available in both ...
www.psypress.co.uk/ - 22k

Mind Tools - Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology. Introduction to Sports Psychology. ... Tools for Sports Psychology: Deciding What You Want Out of Sport; Building Self-Confidence; ...
www.mindtools.com/page11.html - 8k

Hypnosis Audio Cassette Tapes
Over 70 titles in stock! Prices start as low as 9.00 each!
www.opencollege.info - 20k

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