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Brief overview of the development of hypnosis from mesmer to the advent of milton erickson steve nichols. in his doctoral dissertation ...
www.multi.co.uk/mesmer.htm - 10k

Mesmer: secrets of the human frame
Available in the library. resource. Mesmer: secrets of the human frame.
www.iniva.org/library/resource/6123 - 15k

Franz Anton Mesmer - founder of Mesmerism
Franz (formerly friedrich) anton mesmer was born on 23rd May 1734, near Lake Constance, on what is now the German side. He received ...
www.hypno1.co.uk/bio_mesmer.htm - 7k

A drawing of Mesmer in his prime
Magazine for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. A Drawing of Mesmer in his prime. ...
www.hypnos.co.uk/hypnomag/gallery/mesmer.htm - 2k

Dr Mesmer
Dr Mesmer. Real Name: Dr Mesmer. First Appearance: Lion. Identity/Class: Occupation: Affiliations: ... Comments: Dr Mesmer appears to have some powers.
www.internationalhero.co.uk/drmesmer.htm - 3k

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