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To argue for or against something on rational or ... all institutions, indeed the whole of culture produces hypnosis...
www.altway.freeuk.com/Views/View-138.htm - 18k

Controversies in Psychology
Therefore popular topics for seminars and discussion groups. ... forward a decisive argument against accepting such ... Graham F. Wagstaff discusses hypnosis and the ...
www.le.ac.uk/psychology/amc/lepscont.html - 26k

Different groups have different ... is an antidote against the individual ... protection, in Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy and hypnosis. ...
www.static-ops.org/essay_8.htm - 36k

Fly! Magazine
Hypnosis thinly disguised as relaxation or meditation ... can therefore place injunctions against people naming ... Some groups also find popularity through celebrities ...
www.flymagazine.co.uk/features.php?articleID=29 - 11k

Londons one-stop Internet health and fitness information provider
Of the therapist, or made to "do something against their will." This will never happen with a responsible Clinical Hypnotherapist. In fact hypnosis is a ...
www.londonhealth.co.uk/apt.asp - 21k

Cornwallhypnosis.co.uk - Past Life Therapy Leads to the question of whether groups of people ... show or party trick (it is against the ethical ... most hypnotherapy associations to use hypnosis or regression ...
www.cornwallhypnosis.co.uk/pastlives.htm - 51k

Irritable bowel syndrome - Hypnosis
He has elaborated on how hypnosis may operate to ... factors are likely to effect different groups of IBS ... the immune system - the body's defence against illness. ...
www.irritablebowelsyndrome-treatment.co.uk/ - 42k

Complementary Therapies
Medicine, electromagnetic therapy, biofeedback, hypnosis, and imagery ... report divides therapies into three groups....
omni.ac.uk/browse/mesh/detail/C0936077L0383352.html - 46k

Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis FAQ About the FAQ. The FAQ is arranged in three groups. ... Are there any side effects? Can I be hypnotised against my will? Under hypnosis, am I being controlled? ...
www.hypnoclinic.co.uk/hypnosis_faq.htm - 30k

Newsletter March 2003
Member organisations ranging from specialised support groups for rare ... She consented to hypnosis but was unable to. All her oral medication against medical...

Non-pharmacological management
Suggests that fish oil consumption may protect against asthma in ... The second study demonstrated improvements in both active and placebo groups. ...
www.sign.ac.uk/guidelines/fulltext/63/section3.html - 42k

WSHH Service 3
Wakefield School of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. ... duty to keep confidence is measured against the concept ...histories with supervisors and peer-support groups
www.wshh.org.uk/Code%20of%20Ethics.htm - 10k

UFOs: What are They?>
People say they have been taken against their will ... can a person who is under hypnosis be influenced ... Spiritualist type groups and 'Channeller's' who give similar ...
www.spotlightministries.org.uk/ufo.htm - 22k

Transpersonal Therapy and Past Life Therapy
Is an effective form of therapy, for all age groups, employing hypnosis to bring ... of the session and is never asked to do anything against their will. ...
www.therapyinbromley.co.uk/tpt.htm - 20k

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
Cases did arrive and, of course, several UK groups continued unabated with the use of regression. Although I have not recommended the use of hypnosis to any ...
www.caus.org/pers_contact/pc091599.shtml - 18k

The validity of regression hypnosis and related ... consisting of representatives of the participating groups. ... what action should be taken against the investigator ...
www.bufora.org.uk/code_of_practice.htm - 25k

Hypnosis and Religious Faith
Today, most religious groups accept the proper ethical use of ... Protestant or Orthodox Churches have any laws against the proper-ethical use of hypnosis. ...
www.hypnos.co.uk/hypnomag/pdurbin9.htm - 28k

Mike Fulton Hypnotherapy London
Given talks on the subject to many groups and ran ... a fact that no-one can be hypnotised against their will ... Thus therapeutic hypnosis is a state of purposeful co ...
www.hypnotherapylondon.org.uk/ - 28k

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